Aporetic Press is an independent publisher based in Cyprus that seeks to promote both fictional and non-fictional works that address contemporary issues relating to philosophy, theory, science and culture.

Its scope is interdisciplinary. By engaging with various modes of creative thought and critical expression it calls attention to questions that revolve around themes and ideas that confuse and complicate binary structures: presence/absence, life and death, mind/body, human/nonhuman, high/low, etc. By bringing into play diverse cultural practices and academic discourses Aporetic Press is also interested in those cultural works that transgress the appropriate boundaries of established narratives and techniques, accelerating towards futural and alternative forms.

In this sense it particularly favours literary works in Greek or English that fall within the scope of  horror and gothic, weird, speculative, cyberpunk and science-fiction.

Aporetic Press welcomes submissions that open the doors towards the possibility of the impossible.

Please send your manuscripts to aporeticpress@gmail.com


Image, Francesca Woodman, House #3, Providence, Rhode Island, 1976

αporetic press is a registered company in Cyprus with the number ΕΕ41724α


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